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Tired of acclaiming things as great, awesome, amazing, or incredible? Wondering why people aren't sharing your excitement, acting on your suggestions, or buying whatever it is you're acclaiming?  

Help is here from  writing guru Arthur Plotnik in his Better Than Great
(Viva Editions), a creative compilation of some 6,000 alternatives to used-up superlatives.  

As the subtitle suggests, the book delivers a plenitude of fresh terms, presented in such handy categories as Great, Sublime, Beautiful, Joy-Giving, Large, Trendy, Cool, Delicious, and Forceful.

In addition, Plotnik offers sapient advice not only on using superlatives to best effect, but on creating one's own fresh language of approval, praise, and acclaim. He serves up these tips in his customarily amiable and entertaining style
(see "Praise & Reviews" page), one that has endeared  his previous books---including two Book-of-the-Month-Club selections---to tens of thousands of readers.

And here, as an amuse bouche to whet the appetites of superlative-starved journalists, marketers, literati, bloggerati, twitterati, and whateverati, Plotnik offers a periodic sampling of choice superlatives, with usage illustrations exclusive to this site.

In stock at Amazon for a ludicrously low $11.52 (quality paperback) with frequent bargain sales at the price of a sodding club sandwich! Also at Barnes & Noble online and available as a Kindle ($8.77), Nook, Sony, and---ta tum!--now in audio.

But here's an idea: Spend an extra buck to Keep flesh-and-mortar bookshops alive: available at Powell's, Boswell, and other eximious bookstores everywhere.

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Hear Art's 10-minute segment on the NPR affiliate show, "Here and Now," with host Robin Young. Just click on the "Listen" button.

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